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Home made dog food and treats for your special four-legged friends.

We only use the finest ingredients in our products.

Completely Natural

We believe in only using the best ingredients. Our ingredients are locally sourced and the duck is free-range and grain-fed. Thus ensuring we give you the most wholesome and nutritious meals and treats.

No Harmful Additives

It’s not necessary. We do not believe in adding anything unnatural, so we don’t. No chemicals, preservatives, additives or colourants.

Duck, duck and more duck

Yes, we love duck! Duck pet mince contains all the great nutritional parts of the duck (hearts, livers, lungs) and our ducks are all free-range, grain-fed and most importantly hormone and antibiotic free.

Welcome to Sammy’s

For the love of dogs!

We are a dog food company that cares about what goes into your pets meals. All our food and treats are made from 100% natural ingredients. Our main ingredients are free-range duck, with carefully chosen vegetables and brown rice.

Why Duck?

● It’s a rich source of B Vitamins, which is good for protecting your dogs from cancer;
●It has a good amount of Phosphorus, which is good for bones, and teeth;
● It’s a rich source of potassium which enables enzymes, muscles and nerves to function properly;
● It’s rich in iron and provides dogs with a lean, easy-to-digest protein source;

● It contains zinc and selenium and antioxidants that help boost the immune system;
● It contains Omega-3 fatty acids which provide your dog with healthy skin and coat;
● It’s a great source of amino acids, which helps to support strong muscles;
● It helps dogs with food sensitivities and/or allergies as it alleviates gastrointestinal upset;
● It helps alleviate skin irritation in dogs.

Our Products

Recovery Food

High-calorie food that is rich in iron, omega 3 & 6, calcium and phosphorus. Perfect for dogs recovering from operations and dogs that struggle to put on weight. Can also be used in conjunction with dry food to ensure your dogs get all the wholesome goodness.

500g for R38

Daily Duck Food

Low-calorie food that is a great all-round meal for your dogs. Its rich in iron, omega 3 & 6, calcium and phosphorus. Can be used on its own or in conjunction with dry food to ensure your dogs get all the wholesome goodness.

500g for R38

I Love Duck Treats

A soft chewy treat made out of dehydrated duck hearts.

80g for R35.

Free-Range Duck

Organic Ingredients

No Artificial Preservatives & Colourants

South African Product

About Us

Sammy’s was inspired by my two Boston Terriers, Leela and Fry.
The goal is to provide pet owners with food options that are not only healthy and nutritious but tasty and loved by their pets.
For the love of dogs!

Why I Started

Leela was diagnosed with a persistent right aortic arch, a birth defect, which was stopping the food from going into her stomach. Leela went from 8kg’s to 5.5 kgs. She was tiny.

She had surgery, which was successful but unfortunately she has sustained permanent damage to her eosophagus which means she has to eat standing up, and she can only eat soft food.

We had her on a very expensive high calorie (well known and reputable) brand of dog food to help her pick up weight. She wasn’t picking up weight.

Something had to change, and quick.

How I Started

Having heard of the amazing benefits of duck, I contacted “The Duck Father SA”, they agreed to supply me with duck pet mince!

The best part about the duck pet mince is that it contains all the great nutritional parts of the duck (hearts, livers, lungs) and their ducks are all free-range!

I started playing around with some recipes, and I cooked Leela duck pet mince, with a few veggies and carbohydrates, to ensure she was eating a balanced meal.
She loved the food. She started picking up weight, looking healthier, and she even had more energy and got her personality back.

How I knew I had a great product

Our food was recently sent for nutritional analysis, and the numbers came back great! They were on par with the well known, very expensive food brands. I took Leela and the food analysis to the vet to get confirmation that my food wasn’t missing anything and that Leela was in great shape and good health.
It turns out the food and Leela were both great. That’s when I knew I had an amazing product that I had to share with the world.
Sammy’s Wholesome Pet Foods was born!


What our happy customers have to say

Amazing service amazing lady amazing food my pups have never been happier. they drool before im even finnished dishing up haha. definitely recommend Sammy’s.”

Tiffany Venter

We have two Staffordshire Terriers and they go bananas for the duck treats. Its a great healthy snack for our fur babies!”

Cindy Bagg

I have 4 doggies of all shapes and sizes and they all absolutely love these little duck bites. They go nuts over them! Definitely recommend 😊.”

Cayley Cammell

 “Hi Sammy. I just wanted to tell you…my little biewer terrier was on cortisone for two years to treat his meningitis. He battled to move and climb stairs…ever since I started on your food…what a difference! He is running around playing with the other yorkies…he climbs stairs…full of energy, alert and happy! Thank you Thank you. Everyone sees the difference in my little baby, its amazing”

Aldina Venney

 “Hi Sam. Just wanted to thank you for this wonderful food you make for all our doggies. Jodie (who couldnt pick up weight no matter what I gave her) has finally put on weight and looks amazing. Both my dogs have more energy and seems  to be much happier. Your love and care for all animals is amazing! Thanks Sammy”

Natasha Konig

My rescue baby Daisy was run over by a car.  She was already underweight as I had only had her for a month prior to the accident. After her 4 life saving surgeries she was of course even more underweight! Samantha personally brough some of the duck recovery food for baby Daisy. Both my Daisy & Pixie devoured the wet food and the treats! Like it was some gourmet amazingness they’d never had before! And it’s healthy! Will definately be getting some more! Thank you Samantha.”

Kyla Blasyk

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